2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Review Release Date Price And Specs

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2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Review Release Date Price And Specs

2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Review Release Date Price And Specs - The Geländewagen, also called the G-Class or G-Wagen, has been around for about 40 years. It's served in Germany's military powers, navigated loathsome territory the whole way across the world, and even vanquished the modern roads of Rodeo Drive in California. Correct, the G-Wagen has been everything from an armed force snort's get-around to the go-to vehicle of the rich and well known. 

Indeed, even AMG has its renditions of the high-riding SUV, including the madly intense G65 AMG with its twin-turbocharged V-12 and the absurdly huge G65 AMG 6x6 with its three Portal axles and pickup bed. 
2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Review Release Date Price And Specs
2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Illustration

Presently it appears Mercedes may at last be giving the famous G-Wagen a full makeover. Also, not simply new body boards or a redesigned guiding wheel. No, this has all the earmarks of being an all out generational change with new parts starting from the earliest stage. These spy photographs demonstrate the SUV looking more extensive and more than its present form, recommending all-new underpinnings. 

2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Exterior Specs

This may resemble a normal G-Wagen at first look, however upon nearer assessment, it's anything but difficult to see this test donkey is much more extensive than the present model. The width truly gets to be evident when taking a gander at the donkey one next to the other with the present SUV. See how the test donkey's front end grows outward from a limited grille. There is additional width can be seen on either side of the headlights. The vehicle's full width starts just before the A-columns. This gives the new G-Wagen that great front end, yet includes significantly more space for inside solace. 

The notorious looks isn't lost on whatever is left of the vehicle, either. The wide bumper flares are still present, just like the low beltline, about vertical windshield, and level side glass and rooftop. Around back, the back entryway is still a swing-without end sort with the extra tire held tight. Mercedes will probably accomplish something other than what's expected with the taillights (think LED units), yet this building donkey manages with the present units. A tow hitch is additionally spotted, proposing Mercedes isn't stripping the G-Wagen of its tough utilitarian nature. 

2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Interior Specs

The present inside pattern can be found in the S-Class and E-Class cars. In spite of the fact that maybe not as swoopy, expect this level of top of the line materials and outline. 

The standard front pail, back seat outline will probably continue, deserting space for load the second column. Try not to anticipate that Mercedes will have a go at packing a third line back there, in spite of the newly discovered inside volume. 
2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Review Release Date Price And Specs
2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Interior Illustration

The G-Wagen will clearly have a large number of powertrain alternatives, including diesel and fuel choices. Here in the U.S., expect the fundamental motor decision to be the 4.0-liter biturbo V-8. This motor as of now makes 416 drive and 450 pound-feet of torque. Mercedes could squeak in a redesign before this new G-Class hits merchants, likely for the 2018 model year. 

The motor will probably be mated to Mercedes' seven-speed programmed transmission. Without a doubt, the new G-Class will come standard with 4WD. Designers could upgrade the 4WD innovation, however, jumping the G-Wagen a more present day, full-time AWD framework with low range gears. Expect the front and back differential locks to return. 

2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Price

It's far too soon to precisely conjecture estimating, however we completely expect the new G-Wagen to cost more than the active model. The 2016 G550 begins at $119,900 in the U.S., with the AMG G63 beginning at $139,00. For those with more cash than sense, the AMG G65 with its V-12 motor begins at $217,900.
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